Many businesses still operate offline, honouring traditional business methods and utilising personal relationships. This works to a point but what happens when your market becomes saturated? How can you continue to reach your business objectives without a steady stream of leads? How can you stand out from the crowd or keep digital-savvy upstarts at bay? Could a digital marketing pipeline give you an edge over your competition?

The six simple steps in this book will enable you to build an effective digital marketing strategy to complement, support and grow your traditional marketing methods so that you can continue to attract enough leads
to sustain consistent and steady growth in your business.

Read Get Online to:

  • Debunk common misconceptions about digital marketing and social media
  • Plan an effective, sustainable lead-generating marketing strategy in 6 easy steps
  • Know how much you should spend on digital marketing to get results
  • Create content that really connects with your audience
  • Nurture prospects and convert them into paying customers

If you want to embrace all the opportunities digital marketing provides, this book provides solid, easy-to-understand advice that works.

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Stacey Kehoe has worked in digital marketing and brand development for the last ten years.

She’s a podcast host and editor of the SME marketing magazine The Vault, which has gained her media recognition and award nominations. Since establishing her first business, digital agency Brandlective Communications Ltd, in 2012, Stacey has built over 500 websites, brands, and marketing campaigns.

Regularly hired as a consultant, social media trainer, and speaker, Stacey developed the Six-Step Digital Marketing Methodology after being approached by client after client let down by other agencies who failed to implement a strategy that generated the desired results. This methodology was published in her book ‘Get Online: 6 simple steps to launching a digital marketing strategy for the non-tech savvy’ and is used at Brandlective to facilitate campaign development and enhance the speed at which their clients gain measurable results.

Stacey’s vision is that those with an entrepreneurial spirit should have the resources to rise above the noise, stand out from the crowd, and show their audience who they really are. These beliefs tie in with her commitment to equality.

Stacey is leading a movement called #1MillionDays: An initiative to reduce inequality through social, economic, and political inclusion of all people.

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"This book helped me do precisely what it says on the cover. I was the non tech-savvy Business owner that this book puts at the heart of its pages. Through her methodology, I got into action. If you are thinking it's all too much effort - read this book and apply the method. It works."

Sara Rowe

"Get Online gives you everything to establish a great online presence. The six simple steps provided me with the confidence I needed for the online journey of my own businesses. A useful tool and enjoyable read!"

Steven Shove

"An incredible book packed full of value! This is an absolute must read for any business owner who wants to grow their business. Stacey really knows her stuff and the 6 simple steps Stacey guides the reader through make it incredibly easy to implement changes that will get you more leads, more content and help you become way more visible online. Highly recommend!!!"

Seb Bates